Restore Android

Restore backed up Android data and settings When you add your Gmail account to a new android device, The data and app settings that you already backed up for that account (via Android Backup Service) is restored automatically to the new android device.     Restore Android backed up app settings When you reinstall an android app […]

Android Backup

Back up with Android Backup Service How to back up your data First, Go to settings App on your mobile. Then, Click on Backup & reset under personal option. Finally, click on backup my data and switch it on.     How to add a backup account First, Go to settings App on your android mobile. Then, […]

Factory Reset

Factory Reset Factory Reset is a process of deleting all data like media, contacts, and apps etc. All settings restore to Factory defaults. You will not recover data later.   How to factory Reset Android Mobile Factory data reset will erase all your data. To perform a device factory data reset using the Settings menu, […]

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